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Dynamic sectioning

High performance dynamic sectioning allows users to explore inside a part or an assembly easily and accurately.  The dynamic reference controller allows users to control the section plane with the mouse in rotational and panning directions or following a guide curve.
The cross section can be made visible on the 3D model or as an isolated entity and can be extracted and exported via the DXF, DWG, etc interfaces.
3D measurements in a dynamic section can be carried out without extracting geometric data.

Bounding Box

Generation of the bounding box of a part or a set of parts is instantaneous and provides information on the dimensions, volume and weight of the selected elements and can also be used to determine the optimal stock model required for manufacturing.
It can be done automatically (minimum volume) or an orientation defined by the user.

Cylindrical bounding box

In WORKXPLORE, the user can also create a Cylindrical bounding box.

Precise measurement information

Precise measurement information: Information is available both on objects and surfaces and enables rapid calculation of volumes and areas. Complementary information such as the object name, encumbrance, number of faces, etc. is also available.