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海克斯康收购加工仿真与验证软件制造商SPRING Technologies公司

领先的数字化解决方案供应商海克斯康集团,近日宣布收购SPRING Technologies公司,它是一家致力于通过加工仿真、路径验证优化、机床管理来优化加工流程的软件供应商。SPRING Technologies的解决方案被全球主要OEM和供应商广泛应用,通过优化机床性能和生产力帮助其简化制造流程。

WORKXPLORE Tutorial Videos

WorkXplore has been created for the efficient import and analysis of files of all sizes and types but it is the speed at which it imports large, and even very large, 3D CAD files which is particularly impressive, often taking less than half the time to open a file compared to the original CAD application.